Isle of Wight Friday afternoon – Sat morning

Since leaving you inside my uncertain but upright tent yesterday afternoon things have been good.My new neighbours looked a little miffed that they’ve lost their garden to me but as compromise I didn’t put up the porch so I guess we’re quits. I had to get going immediately and that just about got me to the main stage in time to watch Feeder. I was luckier than most, the mud meant that the treck to the main arena was totally bottle-neceked and a reasonable 15 minute leaving time from camp just wouldn’t have cut it.

From Feeder onwards I yo-yo’d between the main stage and big top – there have been some really awesome acts and hopefully most of them make it onto Virtual Festivals. They are a little unimpressed at the brevity however I have covered 6 instead of 2 bands in the face of huge technical issues caused by the rain, not to mention the mission to the media hut and the fact it closes before the headliner has finished!

Tom Petty – freaking awesome, I will update with links to reviews as soon as possible. Burgers from the burger stand not so awesome, I timed it perfectly for the drop in temperature and had been rather looking forward to it but was served a cold, hour old at least slab of meat that couldn’t even melt the cheese slice sqidged on top.

Now for the mud – that’s all the UK seem too interested in so I’ll tell you about a guy I met on the way up to camp. He’d lost his wellie in the mud – probably not the only one to do so. He then put his foot in the mud and proceeded to try and put it back into his wellie… this failed terribly and he could now not walk in his boot at all and was forced to walk with one bare foot… somewhere along the line he has also taken a spectacular fall and resulted as a mud cake. Each step he took in the mud made him scream and curse and turning a corner onto “Purple 3” or “home”, for all intents and purposes again brought him to the ground. This is when I tried to help and, turning assistance down told me what he had done. Bravely he laughed it off and we went our separate ways. It wasn’t until this morning, making my way back to the main road (Just for a sense of normality) I saw the bricks, broken clay piping and ominous spikage that must have been causing the pain. Not good, definitely not good.

I found sanctuary in Pizza Hut this morning and they didn’t bat an eyelid at my filthy boots, nor anyone elses who had the same idea. Instead they set me up at a table and checked regularly that I had everything I wanted, I possibly looked in need of charity…

Anyway, I’ve just dived in from Madness to hit send on this and Jessie J is up next – wouldn’t miss her for the world so I’ll leave you with this awful picture of me trying to get presentable before vacating the tent this morning….


Tom Petty
Lana Del Rey
Caro Emerald
Noah and the Whale