Roundup, Isle of Wight Festival 2012 (more pics coming)

This is an assortment of snaps from my camera over the weekend. For the proper stuff, visit or Tim Cheesman Photography

Apologies for the hicklety-picklety assortment here, still getting used to posting lots of images šŸ˜

The crowds were phenomenal, I never get bored with seeing so many people enjoying themselves this much although it never really translates to images.

The bus was pretty funny, I took this at around 5am on Monday morning. What a mess we were… I’d have hated to see the state of that later in the day.

Brucey Boy – The Boss.

Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street band

The Vaccines

Ryde Pier

Bus Ryde… more mud

Lana Del Rey – ain’t she gorgeous?

Main arena

Walking to the pier head in the morning

Sky’s hot air balloon

The Virgin Marys

Sunny Swamp

Swamp again

Main arena

Coffee and burger houses

The Swamp
The Wheel

Suggs – Madness

Tom Petty

Walk back from Esplanade

…………….Back to reality, Of course I’m grateful for the cleanliness enliness but looking forward to Reading already!Image