Roundup, Isle of Wight Festival 2012 (more pics coming)

This is an assortment of snaps from my camera over the weekend. For the proper stuff, visit or Tim Cheesman Photography

Apologies for the hicklety-picklety assortment here, still getting used to posting lots of images šŸ˜

The crowds were phenomenal, I never get bored with seeing so many people enjoying themselves this much although it never really translates to images.

The bus was pretty funny, I took this at around 5am on Monday morning. What a mess we were… I’d have hated to see the state of that later in the day.

Brucey Boy – The Boss.

Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street band

The Vaccines

Ryde Pier

Bus Ryde… more mud

Lana Del Rey – ain’t she gorgeous?

Main arena

Walking to the pier head in the morning

Sky’s hot air balloon

The Virgin Marys

Sunny Swamp

Swamp again

Main arena

Coffee and burger houses

The Swamp
The Wheel

Suggs – Madness

Tom Petty

Walk back from Esplanade

…………….Back to reality, Of course I’m grateful for the cleanliness enliness but looking forward to Reading already!Image







Sunday and home from Isle of Wight Festival

Going to keep this a bit shorter than intended as WordPress just deleted the entire post once and it’s been a rather long day, starting yesterday…

Yesterday was spent running between fields to catch as much of everything as I could. Band of Skulls, I was told was a ‘must see’. They were fantastic, but I know so little about them I opted against reviewing. Attempting to trek to my tent, a certain beat escaped the Big Top tent and like bacon sarnies in the morning I was drawn in, circling and hoping that The Virgin Marys would be lousey I found myself at the front of the crowd clapping, dancing and grinning ear to ear. I felt like Anthony Wilson discovering the Sex Pistols in 24 hour party people. Only I’m not a producer, wealthy or willing to sign a contract in blood. Again, I wished I could get a review in as these guys are going to storm the scene however due to lack of knowledge there was barely the time if I was to catch the Vaccines.

Darting straight back to the vaccines, not remotely concerned that my wellies were blistering up my feet with running around I was in for a big surprise. Boardmasters last year was good, but for me not brilliant. This year they delivered.

The Vaccines

The Gallaghers don’t really do it for me so I skipped that to get on with writing whilst I could be rigged up to the mains. Backstage was a famous presenter who I still can’t find on Google filming and doing photo-shoots. By the sounds of it Matt Cardle also took bit of a shot at one of the production team (in a good way) but knowing neither I don’t have the details or follow up story! Sky’s money seemed to be invested in a hot air balloon that I didn’t get to see take off but have pics for you later and also a giant Peacock. ?!

I met Laura Williams also working for VF this year although her main job is with 24/7 South West covering fests, she had the unenviable challenge of digging out backstage gossip and news worthy stories. I on the other hand was free to go watch Bruce Springsteen – Wow wow wow, didn’t quite expect to enjoy it so much!

Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band

I did get a cheeky scoot over to Ash and not seeing their whole set was by far the biggest disappointment of the weekend. Still, having the fireworks go off on one of the very rare occasions I was in the VIP pen was incredible, not sure what could have beat that. I was also made up that I had been so certain something big was going to happen, I’d even saved the thought in text notes to myself! I’m sure people thought I was crazy texting throughout the show but there was so much to get down.

The darkness was my pressure-free rock out at the end and I am genuinely really excited about the release of their new album. They filled the whole of the middle field both inside and out the tent. Slip-sliding home I was really grateful to The Virgin Marys for being so damn good, I would never have made it to my tent and back on time to enjoy the show.

Choosing to kip for a few hours I set my alarm for 3.30. Listening to a couple of blokes argue right above my head and later a tractor driving by I was still awake when the alarm sounded. The photographer also wanted to sleep another hour and so 4.30 was time to face the music.

Packing up was comical and I was pretty much alone, other than the three security guards watching me with some amusement. One eventually suggested I sack off the tent but being Scorpio, that wasn’t going to happen. I resolved to ram the entire thing into my main bag, filling it with mud in the process. I would never have made it out of the campsite on my own, after a struggle through the first hundred meters I was relieved to be offered help by the photographer who, concerned by my absence, had come to find me.

Quick plug for the photographer, Tim Cheeseman who has some wicked snaps that can’t go on VF for sizing issues blah blah… if you wanna see some of the best wait until he’s recovered and got onto the uploading, it will be worth it!

Within 15 minutes the two of us were at an empty bus station ready go go our separate (although geographically the same) ways. I was headed to Ryde to catch my ferry and en-route met a fantastic woman who had just had her first ever festival experience. Driven by her 16 yr old son who routinely heads to Reading she had been dubious but had a fantastic time. We differed in opinion regarding music, but she was very current in her tastes and will have a lot to talk about when she gets home!

Ok, so a few complications on the way home including using the wrong template for the final review. Personally I prefer it to the one that I ended up re-writing hours later so I will post it here next. I’m still running on coffee and have a house to unpack still as well as get ready for work bright and early tomorrow, so I’m gonna leave you with tent soup and protective clothing on ferry seats and get some camera snaps to you tomorrow.

Oh, and here’s the official review:
Official IOW overal review for VF



Isle Of White initial line-up thoughts

Initial thoughts on line-up…

Line Up

I may have been a little over-zealous booking Wednesday off work, thinking that may not be needed…

However the Friday HAS to be worth arriving in a timely fashion for! Needless to say it’s not the headliner that has got me going here.

Noah and the Whale jump out for the fact they may just make me shed a tear – ‘5 years time’ was a bad choice for me on my 5th anniversary with ex and it really didn’t go down the way it should have. Two years on I’m thinking that 5 years from that day we may be lucky to still have the odd ‘like’ on each others facebooks. With any luck Example will perk me up somewhat. I like his music, not so keen on him. I follow @Example and get the feeling he’s not so personable, all the same he’s undoubtedly going to throw a PARTY!

Feeder have slipped disturbingly low down the line-up I imagine they will have crowds from across the globe crashing in on the little island depending on how ‘available’ they are. I still sing CD player when I have the roof down in the car! Who knows, this could make me feel 17 again.

Saturday may see me struggle to get up early, but to give Labyrinth his due – he’s worth it. I saw Labyrinth play Oceana, Watford the night my best friend told me she was moving to Glasgow where she has since fallen in love and settled… not a great night but good memories from said artist all the same.

And Madness. You can find other reviews by me on Madness, I’ve seen them several times over the years to sadly waning crowds. I have a good feeling about this though, I suspect they are sneaking a new come-back. Consistently innovative and anxious to please they have never failed to surprise me… creative, fun-loving, crowd-pleasing nostalgia guaranteed. Who knows they may pull out some new tracks.

Another re-review … Jessie J.


Nuff said! LOVE the confidence, the talent and was lucky enough to see her right on the brink of the stardom that now surrounds her.

Tiny Tempah — yup. Looking forward to that but not squealing with excitement, maybe that will come. Biffy? Again, I expect to be entertained but won’t be conducive to that.

And Pearl Jam… I will have to explore my feelings on this one a little closer in time. This takes me back to my very early exposure to music and somehow 1never quite cemented my views here – that was the luxury of being too young to care and just enjoy!

I want to say I’m psyched about Sunday. The Vaccines and Bruce Springsteen… bloody awesome. But Noel Gallagher? This makes me plan to sulk in my tent somewhat… but I will stay open – minded, close my eyes and D/L his High Flying Birds…

Now perhaps there’s some ex-anti-Oasisers that can put me straight, fans or foes of any of the line up share your wisdom and give me some challenges to deal with! Otherwise my one-sided review will go out to the masses in the very near future…