Gardening for a small space on a budget – Project

I’m likely to be making the most of any sunshine my small Stratford garden can capture over the next 9 months during maternity, I’ll probably get over the budget planning and lay out decking when I’m mobile again but for the time being I needed a challenge.

After a stage 1 spruce up of £20 on flowers and similar for updating potting necessities the winter edge began to fade. Pruning of my non-survivors from the winter (RIP Chillis, Thyme and the Mustard plant that I accidentally beheaded) gave way to a re-emergence of Lillies and much to my surprise the fuchsia has begun to spruce out of it’s hanging basket for another summer. At the front of the house was the need for a complete overhaul and I am still in possession of three large plants which aren’t strictly mine and awaiting transfer to their new, spacey home in Devon before they suffer root knot. In the meantime they are keeping things very green here.

Stage 2 required edibles – I blame the failure of the Chillis on myself as they made it to February and finally got waterlogged – lesson learned for next year. On a no-garden spend day at B&Q I found myself alone in the drizzly garden section pulling out half dead plants that had been all but written off by the store. Some were clearly beyond help, others just in need of some TLC. Forseeing the problem at the counter I made a mental note of the shelf prices – it wasn’t hard as the majority had been offloaded on the 0.50p shelf with little hope of rescue. After failing to find a way to hold my finds I soon found a basket before teaming up with my other half and filling two drag baskets with improvised shelves. It seemed less dangerous than sourcing a trolley…

By checkout time I’d accumulated a considerable stock with varied odds of success.

My list was as follows:

2 X Lobelia trailing (hot tiger plants) @ £0.50 each

1 x Penstemon Vanilla Plum @ £1

4 X 9 mixed bedding plants @ £1 each

6 X Strawberry Plants @1.50

1 x Mimulus Cocktail mix @ £1

1 X Mixed pepper (3 plants) @ £0.50

1 X Mixed Strawberry (3 plants) @ £0.50

1 X San Marzano (3 plants) @ £0.50

1 X Mixed Chilli (3 Plants) @ £0.50

Grand Total: £10

Among these were a small handful of casualties which couldn’t be be planted, several bedding plants and a tomato plant among them, for the rest I will update on their progress through the summer!



We’re now long into the winter and many of my rescued plants are surviving well. This is pretty much against the odds as following my last post I became almost too big to move with the pregnancy, and the plants soon suffered mild neglect followed by complete abandonment on the arrival of the little one.

Despite my failings, the garden sprang to a hive of colour and food that took me somewhat by surprise. I was grateful to myself for taking the time to construct well planned locations as some required more sun / shade / space than others, but here are some snaps of the results:

Rescued B&Q plants Rescued B&Q plants1 Rescued B&Q plants, on shed Rescued B&Q plants, Strawberries IMG_1246Rescued B&Q plants, peppers Rescued B&Q plants3 Rescued B&Q plants and Betty Rescued B&Q plants 4 Rescued B&Q plants 5 Rescued B&Q plants, wall