X Marks the spot. Or rather, bruises do.


There are no real quirky X’s in Bikram, although X-treeme reaction may be relevant here. This is not intended to freak anyone out, I’m sure this is not normal and perhaps I’ve done something out of class to cause the bruising. I’m pretty sure it’s from last weekend as I had a very uncomfortable day in work on Monday, but only yesterday did I see any sign of bruises and last night the full extent of them. 

At best guess, I tried far to hard and incorrectly to get my head to touch the floor in separate leg:



It’s really important for this one to keep thighs contracted, they do remind you constantly however I was getting frustrated about hanging around in mid-air each class. So let this be a warning to anyone who doesn’t pay enough attention! (Joking, as I say I felt no specific painful moment to cause this, it’s just a guess…). Also, the extra lines are just from my jeans, perhaps looks less frightful without those 🙂


Unfortunately this has seriously hindered my session today as I couldn’t get into a stack of asanas  and had been doing so well in leg stretches!