BBQ Blues


I’ve been uber healthy since taking up yoga. Fruits, veg, similar volume of chocolate but almost no fizzy drinks and reduced alcohol. Not for any philosophical reason or planned diet, just that my body has been refusing all the known nasties. So specific have my tastes become that I’ve even started to take head of what fruits are bad, the cons of juicing vs blending and am still experimenting with the salt/no salt conundrum…

In what I believed to be a great state of health I didn’t think twice about a little indulgence as a family BBQ. During the course of the day these are all of the nasties I can remember consuming:

  • Sausage / Bacon / tomato and Fried egg breakfast
  • Can of coke
  • Bottle of Rubicon
  • Lemonade
  • Sausages (x 4) at BBQ
  • Delicious home made cake with raspberries.

I’m not even sure the final item was unhealthy. Come 6 am the following morning, all plans to hit the beach and practice some postures were stabbed away in a wash of burning pains all down my chest and stomach. Recurring around every 15 minutes or whenever I attempted to move I couldn’t even enjoy the sun drenched balcony over looking country and sea… I was devastated. Towards the end of the day I had no real option but to be the passenger in the 5 hour car trip home before finally collapsing into bed. The following day brought further evidence that something was not quite right – indigestion is my best guess but even that doesn’t quite add up.

Several days on I’m treating everything with caution. Surely my intake wasn’t so bad? And if not, what on earth could have triggered it, is my new diet damaging my insides? I doubt it, but until I get to the bottom of it being a little on the hungry side is preferable to revisiting that day. I shall eat with caution…




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