One of those days…


I’m hitting 3rd day blues each week. Day one back in the studio is tough and dizzying but fairly stong, day two – massive improvement to the point I’m actually working on the postures, day three – disaster. Like a silent invisible energy vacuum has drained the ability to move, raising it’s greedy heat around about the second set of Pranayama breathing and leaving me useless and practically acting throughout the session. Except for when I refuse to get into the next posture on time, flag or come out early. That’s not acting, that’s for real. Suddenly I feel new to the experience again, wishing time away, imagining cool water or lusting after a water bottle that looks colder than mine across the room. Exhausted Yogi 2I consider stopping, but even Savasana (lying down, essentially) is utterly uncomfortable.


Days like these I wonder what the hell is wrong with me. I guess I know the answer really – the reality of widespread redundancy at work hit home during a union and management meeting, I ate far too much too close to class and I ate all the wrong things… I could feel a whole lotta these thoughts going through my body and mind:

bad food 2

I also let yesterdays energy get the better of me as I ignored the passing hours in favour of gardening / tiding / cooking. I must learn to harvest that energy some how.

On the tube home I slept like a baby and woke up a stop too far to change. That’s sufferable, I just jumped on the bus. I don’t have yesterdays energy surge however I know that really this is part of the process… today I probably needed to be there more than ever. Now for lots of juice, vitamins, water, food and sleep to dream up new ideas for a new business idea… an indulgence I experienced on said tube and which point I woke up to a fellow bloggers post who questions ‘do we really try enough to succeed?’  in ‘Stop Trying, Start Doing‘. I admit I’m not a fan of affiliate marketing profiles (sorry Ryan) but it IS great article all the same. The endurance of Bikram yoga is teaching me to keep going through the tough times to reap the benefits, with time I hope to bring that into practice outside of the hot room. This is my yoga.



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