I’ve become a major fan of Salmon steaks. This is a big deal – I used to seriously hate Salmon… now I practically buy it in bulk. Fortunately I’m reassured by every other yoga blog I read, it’s clearly a yoga thing for all your tastes and cravings to change, not to mention the heightened enjoyment from just about everything that you eat and drink.

I’ve also, as a brief side explanation, been patiently growing some chilli plants originating from Whacca’s freebies. After I’d given up hope, after planting the first batch and a year of staring at a non-responsive cup full of soil it hadn’t occurred to me that the random sprouting alongside my Orchid could be chillies – but there was something different enough about the green shoots to keep me intrigued and leave them be. A few months and white flowers later I was squealing with delight at the shiny fat green chilli peeking out from a dishevelled redundant flower head.


I have lots of stories about the chilli growing journey, but the only real point here was that I decided to claim one a couple of days ago on standby for the next meal I cooked (I don’t cook that often). When a branch of my wayward mustard plant departed from the main plant I thought the leaves may go well with the chilli – (I know nothing about the life / edibility of a mustard plant). Grinding the two into a paste I contemplated adding garlic and chives – Gary said it sounds a bit like Teriyaki if only I’d add honey before looking up a recipe. I held off the Soy sauce and extra sugar but added water, pink Himalaya salt and pineapple juice to the simmering concoction (I had pineapple juice? Who knew?!). The kick for such a small amount of sauce was pretty feisty but I think I may have found a new favourite condiment!

We also tried adding the Soy sauce with the remaining dregs – DELICIOUS! It reminds me of JD sauce, utterly satisfying with Salmon and baked egg. (Baked egg?! That’s another story…)



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