Again, with the withdrawal!

Monday was a fantastic trip back to the studios. Tucked at the back of a busy class I inherited two beginners who reshuffled from front row so that they had someone to watch – that someone being yours truly. With the no talking rule I felt like a demonstrator for a sales pitch, thinking carefully about how I went into each move so that they could follow. This wasn’t casual glances over, we were tightly packed and I was aware of a full assessment being at each stage of how the asanas worked. It kept me in posture and I held standing bow better than ever – something seemed to click in that I found a new ‘lift’ as I moved my abdomen closer to the ground – quite different from what I thought I was trying to achieve and yet I was holding the stand with far more control than before.


I was relieved to find I could breathe calmly thoughout and had eaten exactly the right foods despite lacking the aid of cravings that continuous practice brings. I spent some time recovering after although I felt I could have happily got changed and left fast, however from experience this hastyness causes me to make stupid desicions.


Again I’m on hold due to a combination of late shifts and important events – tonight I’m off to see ‘Bleech’ who I think are from the St Albans scene, I’ve been wrestling ‘iMovie’ to upload band videos from Music Hunter nights and last night was the final night of Open Mic at Filthy McNastys. Tomorrow I’m double booked but have plans to opt for a local art show … so that leaves Friday.

I had an interesting encounter on my way out of session whereby a Big Issue seller waited for me to trundle down to the station. I declined, I do buy the Big Issue occasionally however I pass sellers far too frequently to always buy one at £2.50 a pop… He asked me if I’d been to Yoga. My attempts to succeed the reply of ‘yes’ by scuttling away were reigned in by his challenge ‘Why’. I say challenge because it was pretty darn aggressive. I considered pointing him in the direction of this blog, but really I didn’t have the feeling I wanted this guy to know so much about me. I kept it simple and said it was good to stretch. He asked if it feels good… nodding and stepping backwards to escape this full on unwelcome attention he then began to tell me that Jesus would do that too… It went on a while and I haven’t the inclination to regurgitate the entire conversation but it seemed to me an interesting situation. Usually, in my experience it’s the church that approach the homeless to offer support, not the homeless approaching Yogis! Anyone who’s read ‘Religious Disgruntlement’ will know that the man was wasting his time with me – not to mention nearly causing me to miss the tube and begining a premature chip away and my newly charged zenfullness.

I’m still eating more than before but the appetite is slowly subsiding, I miss how much I was loving food! At my colleagues suggestion I’ve tackled some various smoothies, not really my thing especially with spinnach and kale but in the name of good health I will persist. The Shakti mat? fabulous, love it. and Ouch. but mmmmmm. and very very relaxed sleep immediately after some laying down time!


On the work front still no word on the future so sitting tight, although a reasonable job offer has arisen that I’d be tempted towards if things don’t go according to plan. I’d rather be more local, particularly trying to run music nights as they eat a great deal into my day. All fully equipped I hope for sligtly less stressful future experiences, although that will rely on my puppy keeping her teeth away from my new kit. She’s turned into the world’s biggest ball of muscle on springs I have ever seen. Cute ball of muscle on springs.

Upcoming Cyprus yoga and with any luck Febuary will bring a cheeky little visit to Kenya and … more yoga!


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