60 Days.

I thought I’d seriously regret the 4 pints of beer last night before my 60th Bikram class in 60 days. When I breezed through the lesson I was convinced the heating was low, same as yesterday – until I left the studio and it felt far colder. I had a series of mini-breakthroughs and again enjoyed the entire session. Learning from yesterdays mistakes I stayed for a few minutes after class.

No euphoria, but then an instant hit would be a bit freaky. Between the cold, beer and girlie issues I figured there was no chance of reaching those dizzy heights…

Arriving at work I had to delay to make way for apple juice cravings, they were severe!! I drank most of a borrle of ‘Innocent’ apple juice before I’d left the shop. I knew that I couldn’t be doing with extra sugars etc and although I’ve never tried the brand felt a compusion for that particular one. Bliss, utter bliss to quench that craving!

Arriving at work was akin to any other day, yesterday I was nearly asleep at the keyboard. I felt a little more alert, but then I’d not just squeezed 3 sessions into 16 hours! Lots of people enquired about the euphoria, the ‘Bikram juice’, but it didn’t look to be happening. Not even as good as my 40th day experience.

Gradually during the day, the negativity brewing in the office was bouncing off me like I had a protective bubble. Then the energy surge began, slowly but surely… I can’t quite tell if it’s the original hit that I used to get or something different, but I feel like I could explode with this energy! I’m tearing through things that I’ve been meaning to get done, have 4 bands lined up for Thursday and am feeling overly helpful in the office! I’m sure this unleashes a different personality in me too, but certainally the drive and excitement that I embarked on this programme for are very much here. I may have felt similar in the duration of this 60 days, but not anything like it before taking up Bikram’s yoga. Maybe as a child, but that’s about it.

I have yet another super busy day so won’t be able to update on progress this evening but tomorrow I’ll let y’all know how it’s going.


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