Worlds Colliding

It’s an intense end to the week.

By 6 ‘o clock last night I’d psyched myself so much for my post-work double session that before I could account for my actions I’d told the staff that was my intention – from then on there’s no going back. I have recently found that more time in the studio before a session really seems to help. I have a funny twitching thing that’s started since practicing yoga and it takes some relaxation time for that to happen. When the teacher came it I felt like I’d been abruptly woken early in the morning. I was shocked to see how full it had gotten without me noticing! But once up I felt aclimatised and calm. This helped massively through 1/2 moon, my most feared posture.

My alignement seemed better than ever and I worked to keep weight in the heels as the balls of my feet start to hurt by awkward pose. Frustratingly I came out of stading bow, I’m sure I just forget what I’m supposed to be doing, particuarly if the instructor reels off commands and I am trying to focus on everything at once ‘strech forward, kick up, kick back, breathe, come down lower, standing leg straight, stomach in…’ bah!

Other than that the occasional thought about how very long I’d be in the studio for and the guy who seemed to be deliberately touching my hand (I’m sure that can’t be the case, but even in final savasana I had to pull my hands closer twice) the session went smoothly.

Session two was a dream. My 58th Bikram yoga session on my 58th day, and I LOVED it. I wasn’t in any hurry to move on, enjoying the streches of each posture and fully embracing Savasana. No panic, no fear, just utter indulegence. It didn’t take me forever to get out either (usually I’m the last person rattling around the changing room visialising the shut down chores occuring outside). I may have been lured too, by the pasta bake I knew was waiting at home.

5am this morning. I knew there was no option, apart from a short test of the snooze button. It had to be done, there were only two viable time slots left for me to get the final sessions in as I have some serious music hunting to get done in preperation for next week. Getting up was the last thing I wanted to do. Complete contrast from the begining of the challenge – single, trying to get my life back on track, avoiding studying and with deamons to shake. Then, I had to get up and get active to press forward. Now I want to be at home more, adjust to the changes in my life and just enjoy it…

Approaching the studio I felt pleased that I had got my backside out of bed and even had time to relax before the session. I don’t know why I didn’t realise at that stage that the studio was room teperature. There was no mention made of that, but it weighed on my mind throughout. the session again went smoothly, I even had a couple of breakthroughs in leg stretches.

I got out of class far faster than ever before, I thought I’d relaxed appropriately. How very wrong. Second in and out of the showers I felt pretty jammy about being ready to get to work not just on time but early… Stood on the platform I calculated the 10 minutes would be plenty of time to travel to Victoria and change to Vauxhall… and then managed to somehow convince myself I was on the Eastbound platform. Like, what?! It did flit through my mind that I use these stairs everytime, yet my common sense went for a cup of tea whilst I hot footed it across to the opposite platform and boarded. The next opportunity to step off was Waterloo – a rabbit warren if you don’t know where you’re going.

I rolled into work 15 minutes late, and shattered. I’ve eaten everything eadible in sight and then some, but tonight I’ve a band to see and talk to. I really don’t feel chatty but it’s gotta be done. the band are awesome, review time tomorrow for Red Eye ‘Dazey through MHGB!

And then tomorrow night, staff meal and then Citadel (actually another very kewl Ska/Punk band), hopefully fuelled by the 60 day bikram Juice!!! Will keep y’all updated 😉


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