Theraputic post…

This is, selfishly, far more for my benefit than you guys. Sorry.

Today I will be on sessions 57 and 58 of Bikram Yoga. Ever, and within 58 days. On Friday I’ll (hopefully) have reached the magical 60 day goal. regular visitors will know this about me: the closer I get to actually acheiving something, the more I want to give up.

What is that all about?!

Today I was supposed to get up at 5am to do a class before and after work. Instead, I snuggled down into my duvet, turned the alarm off and have spent the rest of the day stressing. Doubles yes, sort of. Yoga after work – rather not, but ok. Double after work?! Petrified. This is the kind of thing I do when I have an entire day to build up, focus and digest.

Worse still, tomorrow and Friday MUST be 7am sessions as I’ve a band to see in preperation for Thursday (Music Hunters 2nd night at Princess of Wales, Stratford – if anyone is local…) and Friday I have both a team meal and band (for another date) to see. So zero flexibility, I cannot back out.

Bikram Choudhury, if you’re reading this – if 60 days of yoga in swealtering conditions does not change my life I want my money back!

Ok, so it has already changed my life… all I wanted was to move from a dark low point to normality. I’m now getting Music Hunters GB on its feet, preparing to move on in work and found something unexpected and special with one of my best friends. I can feel a host of other things bubbling and am enjoying life more than ever… so does this make it essential to do 60 days? Have I not already done what I intended?

I nearly fell about laughing when the advanced sessions were suggested as a future goal – needless to say by someone who has seen how much work I’m doing but NOT the quality of it! 56 sessions done and I still can’t get standing head to knee, seperate leg stretch and still have to miss the occasional fixed firm. Do you know what they do in advanced? TRY TO KILL YOU! Ok, perhaps not for the people that are at that standard, but they whizz through the series as we know it with minimal savasana and no diologue for an hour and then do more, harder asanas for another hour! NO THANK YOU! Haha, not today, certainally!

4 sessions to go. Watch this space, I and I will be honest in my attempt.



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