The A-Z is complete…

But the Bikram isn’t. I wish now that the A-Z was longer, it wasn’t just an outlet to share the experience but a way to shape my thoughts and look at it from a different perspective to make the ‘A-Z’ happen. Even now during classes I have the odd regret – ‘Japanese sandwich’ should most certainly have been J as, on reading another yogi’s blog she rightly pointed out that this isn’t entirely helpful “you should look like a japanese sandwich from the side“. If you don’t know what a Japanese sandwich looks like…

I found an entire community of inspiring Yogis across the WordPress world and a couple of counter-views, clearly, Bikram Yoga is not for everyone. That aside, I found a host of blogs with all manners of topics that I enjoyed searching through and following. Of course some of the Yoga blogs had an immediate impact, but I also enjoyed stories written around each letter, food blogs, comedy blogs and some totally random compilations as others muddled their way through the alphabet.

The content on my reader is now far more diverse than I could have imagined, and I seem to have shaken some of the spam that was coming through (I’ve never had spam on my blog before, that’s almost exciting!).

The picture gallery on my computer is utterly eclectic, after all I did go on the occasional tangent.

It’s been my favourite blogging experience to date and I hope I’ve given as much as I’ve got from it this year. Very much looking forward to the next!

Apparently I’m not the only one confused about Japanese Ham Sandwiches…




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