Z – Zeitgeist.




The defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time.

We know that yoga is anything but. It has been instilled through an increasingly diverse population and communities through the centuries and isn’t looking at loosing favour anytime soon. I wonder, through, about Bikram – I can’t think anything could top it for me however the more that Bikram Choudury appears in the media the less I like to be aligned to his empire. It has been, so far one of the most amazing and life-changing journeys of my life and others around me are begining to gravitate towards the studio…

On this journey I have found a host of inspiring yoga bloggers but today I found one post inparticular that got me strangely emotional. There is barely a word in there that I can’t identify with, but its something really for those considering yoga…

Please take the time to jump blogs and check this out:

This Is How Yoga Works by Views from the podium

I’d like to think that life will soften its boundaries and allow a natural flow to teacher training one day, but for the present the addiction is as fierce as ever and the contentment at genuine, inside-out happiness are plenty to fuel my mind, body and soul. Cheesy, but couldn’t be truer.

Well done to everyone who finished the A-Z Challenge… I will stick with my descoveries from that experience!!



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