All the ‘Yes’s’.


  • Getting the back shoulder in and arms back in half moon pose. Whilst breathing normally. Rare, low satisfaction.
  • Getting further back in half moon and spotting the floor – improving, mid satisfaction
  • Awkward – surviving it. Most of the time, mid-great satisfaction
  • Standing head to knee, getting the foot out like an ‘upside down L’. Occasional, mid-great satisfaction
  • Maintaining all 4 standing bows. Frequent – great satisfaction
  • Tree pose – holding balance. All the time now – mid/great satisfaction
  • Toe stand – lifting both hands together. Rare, great satisfaction
  • Cobra – release and feeling the lower back, amazing. Great satisfaction.
  • Locus, Gaining height – often. Mid satisfaction
  • Locust and Bow. Feeling it. Great satisfaction in the lower back.
  • Fixed firm – the relief. Great satisfaction.
  • Half tortoise – gettin the channel from shoulders to neck to  under the ear open – frequent. Great satisfaction.
  • Camel – the cool face coming out of the posture. Great satisfaction
  • Completing the 30 day yoga challenge – Great satisfaction
  • About to complete the A-Z Challenge, – Great satisfaction.

In summary,




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