Water – the big debate.


I’ve read a lot on the whole water drinking issue – ‘to drink or not to drink’ and resisted the opinions of those against. In a similar vein to ‘understanding the body’ I had a revelation, the seeds of which were sewn at the end of my last session. Once I am out of a class, holding the final Savasana as long as my mind can take I drop all restrictions. I’ll sit in the cool and guzzle, literally GUZZLE water down like it’s about to run dry. I figured my body needs and wants it, that has to be a good thing… until two days ago when it occurred to me that I wasn’t as thirsty as I’d thought. I tried to halt the drinking and found my brain and arm working in collusion against the decision although I managed to drink less, and slower. 

After showering, recovery kicked in and I remained on small, steady sips of water and it occurred to me that it wasn’t the fluid I was craving, it was the end of having to focus the mind, immersion in concentration and exercise and a bid for freedom. Class over, I can do exactly what we’ve been regulated on for the past 90 minutes – I have no floor series to worry about and can drink until my heart’s content! Of coure, that’s what my mind and body are conditioning themselves to look forward to. All the moments of desperation to get out of the class, finish the asanas and run! Because I’ve lined up a reward in the form of excess water!

I wondered then, how long I could put off water between poses – this isn’t entirely new but I’m getting better at drinking less and not relying on the same punctuation of water breaks through the series. In turn, I’m thinking less about how many asanas to go before the next break as I’ve not set a slot for it. With my mind brought closer to the ‘here and now’ rather than the reward there is less panic, less struggle to focus the mind and much more enjoyment (yup, enjoyment!) from every moment of the class. 

I still felt incredibly twitchy at the final Savasana and repressed three get out attempts. I momentarily forgot the water deal however slowed as soon as I remembered – I just hope this is how I’ve interpreted it, I could be back tracking big time tomorrow!




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