Understanding the body


By far, this has been the biggest challenge to me. 41 days ago I was a runner, I occasionally go through a compulsion to lift (not very heavy) weights and although I’m a good swimmer it’s not really my idea of a good time. Apart from increasing my appetite massively I pretty much push my limits until an injury surfaces and then pack it in for a long time. I guess me and my body don’t communicate.

Yoga is definitely different, suddenly the body gets a voice and uses it to reprimand all the bad decisions made during the day. The more obvious is a beer-soaked towel from sweating out drinks of the night before – it’s not so much the grim factor but the unbearable restriction on breathing when going into full locust and having to face that stench literally face on. 

As time has gone on I’ve had to play around with eating times – I need energy but any food finds a point of discomfort if eaten too recently. Bananas – bad. Fish and Chips? The devils food. Seriously, even with a 4 hour gap this was responsible for my worst ever session in which every muscle wanted to break out, my brain was crying and my eyes wanted to close 

Not enough food – poor postures, lack of strength, control and determination

Coffee – I thought this was a straight forward ‘no go’ area, with more experimentation if I have to practice after work and am struggling to wake up, a tall latte is pretty good. Otherwise it’s a dehydrating distraction.

Sitting down for hours at work – removes all the built up flexibility and suddenly I’m bending my knees again in every stretch position. Really bad balance from the start.

Short sleep – my eyes want to close as soon as standing series are over

Knowing I have to be somewhere after – serious lack of concentration – doesn’t affect balance in standing bow but disastrous in Triangle

Make up – need to pull bizarre faces and stretch muscles I never knew I had

Work issues – forget to listen to the instructor

Hangover – I nearly laughed out loud when someone suggested it might be a bad idea. I’d not even attempt it, I think I’d die.

I’m sure there’s a whole bundle more going on, I just haven’t figured it all out yet.


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