Silent Sunday Success.


This Yoga journey sure is surprising. It really is a journey too, on ehtat I’ll be really sad to reach the end of, I understand now why people keep extending their challange goals. My last post was the pressure of two days and four sessions to go…

It’s as well I’m stubborn around these things. I really didn’t want to go at all at this stage but there was no way I was going to give up either. On Sunday, my second day I planned a break between sessions. In my blinkered vision of the end in sight I totally forgot to account for the Marathon crowds and missed the 3pm session. So my fate was sealed, another double bubble.

Good god, I loved it. Not the first one so much, I panicked and allowed my mind to wander a few too many times, however the second was amazing – I had so much energy to put into it. Granted that may have been the supplement sachet I put into my drink (awesome stuff) but I got my deepest so far into most stances, the one standing bow that I slipped out of was compensated by two reasonable toe stands, hands off the ground and eyes boring into the mirror as if that was keeping me upright.

When I went to tick my final box – the row above that I’ve watched extend at the same rate of mine, populated with smiley faces was being completed. Congratulating the first other 30 day challange Yogi I’ve been able to put a face to she explained she always felt like shouting ‘yes’ when she completed a session, hence the faces.

On the downside I managed to strain a hamstring so badly that I had no choice but to skip my Monday session 😦 another interesting experience. With no knowledge of any injury it was only half way through my working day that I realised I couldn’t even sit properly, the pain was unbearable and increadibly uncomfortable. Eventually, with a lot of walking around it loosened. I’m still trying to work out if this is ‘muscle release’ as I’ve read somewhere about yoga or actually just an injury. I hope it’s the former and that my next session will be my best to date…



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