Running out of time…


Apart from the deadline difficulties of A-Z posting which I imagine most will agree seem to be getting tougher as the challenge progresses, I am one day away from completing my 30 day Bikram challenge, 30 sessions in 30 days = free teeshirt and 2 x guest passes. I knew that a second double session would be in order and that was always intended to be today, however as I was about to leave for yesterdays session I awoke from a nap to find that my mum wasn’t in – as she was due to go to Devon I needed to say goodbye first and her phone was still in the house. Very strange. The minutes passed and there was no way I’d be attending the last session of the day…

After curling back up there was a knock on the door. To cut a long story short some bad stuff went down locally and she’d been in the wrong place at the wrong time – injured, she’d managed to tell a shop keeper where I lived. With all the good intentions in the world, the challenges paled into insignificance. Without going into detail I’ll say she’s well, angry but well and recovering from possibly fractured ribs. 

So today I doubled it… I’ve got that incredible burst of energy back which makes me think my body is now demanding two sessions for the hit – not practical with the sun finally making its appearance!

Tomorrow is my last day and I have to get two sessions in. Do I double bubble? Or do I break the sessions with a spot of lunch and shopping? Decisions, I know what I need to do really but what actually happens is a different thing. I’ll keep you posted. 



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