Oooh, Oops! Ouch.


It was the Ouches I really wanted to discuss – the little pinches and pains that I started with and have drifted out of my practice… but I’ve had a couple of ‘ooh’ moments. They say you don’t hear all of the speech until you’re ready. It always surprises me when I hear something I’ve not noticed before and generally put it down to individual tutor detail. Then I start hearing it in all classes….

One particular instructor, although very mild and not pushy discusses intricately the breathing mechanisms of the postures. The two biggest adjustments are in my forward stretch where my chest is coming closer to my legs every day because of a simple ‘inhale, pull, exhale, stretch’  (at leas that’s the order I remember it as now… not the same when I’m sat at the computer!). Another was Camel pose – ‘contract the glutes’ – at least I think that was the command. Anyway I squeezed something in my legs and my entire body lifted giving me that pull on the ankles they keep talking about! Breakthrough! And I very nearly ‘oooh’d’ out loud.


I finally broke the impossibility cycle of class being agony, this may be in part to the quieter morning sessions but I’m just please that I don’t want to scream any more during class. Not that I’d have the energy anyway… I hired the studio towels for the first time for convenience. They are crisp white, super fresh and a little too small. Happy that my new cargo tube top was holding well I was feeling in good shape – until I rose from the first Savasana. The pink strip across the top of my kit had transferred in full, luminously across the towel, it must have been GLOWING! I think I may have gone a similar colour if I wasn’t already. Each Savasana the pink got brighter and larger covering the entire top of the towel. Oops. At least it rinsed easily in the shower – phew! 

Cycle broken, towel clean I awaited the hit of happiness… but am still left with a phase of exhaustion. Worse, I seem to have done something ouchey to the right of my neck making work very painful. I know it will ease off and this whole phase will pass – is passing, and if I’m not doing it for the kick at the moment the definition that my body has begun to carve is plenty to maintain motivation. I never knew I could get into this shape – years of running never had this effect. Grit, Determination, and plenty more ‘oooh’s’ ‘oops’s’ and ‘owowowowuch!’s’ to go. 



One thought on “Oooh, Oops! Ouch.

  1. I’ve only tried yoga a few times (and also tai chi once which I adored). I know all about the ouchies; I’m about as flexible as a wooden pillar and even a few yoga positions leave me lying on the floor in pain!

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