Make-up, Mental resistance and Muscle. In no particular order.


During Saturdays’ class I’d decided on make-up – one of the rare times I looked up during practice I realised I was surrounded by perfectly made up fresh looking faces. I struggle on the best of days to get it together in time to be that well presented, let alone bother in time for class and to worry about changing it all after. But I was intrigued, does it need to be water proof mascara? Does foundation run into your eyes when leaning forward? 

I believe this was the beginning of the endurance test. Pleased with how un-knackered I looked during class I had an extra, regretful boost of energy. I don’t know if I was distracted by my pondering or if my body was cheating itself some how but half way through I experienced THE WORST mental struggle to date. 

Between each posture I tried to place the problem, then focus. Then I wondered how I’d get through the next, then focus. Then how long there was to go. Then… if I could get there at all.  Would today be the day I left the room? How were others coping? I didn’t need to look to know they were fine, this was my bad day, not anything to do with the class.

I followed the instructions as carefully as ever, pushing me on through the pain. There was no pain, it was clearly just my head playing tricks. The threat of a double bubble loomed and was quickly in tatters as I limped through the final few stretches finding no relief even in Savasana. 

Anxious to get to a morning class today I was packed and ready to get out the door at 6. In bed at 1 after exhausting all of the extra energy from class I sank into the pillow and instinctively knew something was amiss. The house was unnaturally quiet and I discovered full on power outage. Checking for danger and settling the dogs I resigned myself to an evening class only. 

Make-up less I faced the studio again, starting always with no expectations, as my very first class. Tough. No nasty mental battles today just – really really tough. And my legs stretched in a way I have never felt before, I seem to have discovered a new and rather painful muscle in my right leg. Homeward bound was slow and daze-full… as I remain now. Tomorrow is, as they say, a new day.


2 thoughts on “Make-up, Mental resistance and Muscle. In no particular order.

  1. Hello, my friend…. ah! Yoga! Now I see what the underlying subject was… Bless your heart… as for make-up, that is something about which I have never been concerned, I simply have never worn any, and found it so freedom-giving. 🙂 A swipe of lipstick has been the utmost ever. I have tried yoga, but found it didn’t suit me. Best regards to you. Ruby

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