And I thought I was going to struggle with ‘J’! Today, my big assignment was due and has been submitted! I spent a moment or so dwelling on it and then seemed to erupt with excitement, my life can start again! Seriously, it’s been 3 years and the only break was because I’d be so busy over the Olympics. I can’t do that course until November as OU is in a pickle with the modudles, but I’m over the peak and swear I could cry. I slammed on The Jam and Jame’s ‘Laid’ and without any rational choice what so ever jumped like a sprung coil for a good minute or so. 


I’ve not approached any other assignment with such calmness, I’ve been almost dangerously relaxed however have pressed through into texts deeper than I realised. Most of my assignment was written from vivid memories then a case of some back tracking (never been too good at notes) and came together just fine. As ever, I could have applied more time, but I am throughly satisfied with my submission. 

Usually, peaks of panic emerge, I shout at people and squirrel away. This time, and again yes I do put it down to yoga – very little else in my life changed over the write up period. I chatted on the phone, watched telly with my house mate and played with the dogs (now in need of walking). I’ve not felt agitated or angst and I’m not left beating myself up over anything. Just – jumping, it seems! 


One thought on “JUMP!

  1. I have a friend who swears by the benefits of Yoga, physically, mentally and spiritually. She is able to put out so much, her books, her blogs, her short stories and teach. She leaves me eating her dust.

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