Healing and Health


Health is pretty much the ultimate motivation of all Yoga types and the entire mantra of Bikram includes information about which ailments can be subdued from asthma to arthritis, injuries, DVT and reducing / preventing varicose veins and cellulite… stories can be found all over the web around ‘miracle cures’ and outwitting the doctors and their prescription drugs. Sources are credible, some are practicing Yogis and others are teachers. 

I never had any real ailments to speak of, certainly nothing that drove me to seek a cure as such. I was, however diagnosed with mild Scoliosis at 12. I remember the doctor explaining what the curve in my spine looked like, but never actually saw it.  After my initial injury I’d feel slightly panicky about anyone coming too close to my back incase they bumped it sending shooting pains up my spine.  but once recovered from the injury that lead to this discovery thought little else of it. 

After my 27th session, yesterday it occurred to me that the only real tenderness I’d been feeling during and after classes was alleviating – a couple of inches on the left of my lower spine. The only person who I know that would know exactly what the curvature looked like was my mum who just so happened to be staying with me. This morning she checked it and confirmed that the space where the tenderness is was the area of curvature – was. It appears that the spine is now completely symmetrical.

Apart from lots of running I’ve not invested much in correcting anything or improving my body’s health  – not a conscientious eater / breather /posture focused walker. I work in an office at a computer, rarely take breaks and come home and work on a computer. I was at stooping point. And now my spine is straight… perhaps it did correct itself over the years of neglect, I can’t say I ever checked. It seems unlikely though, with the naturally improved posture and lack of ache.

I wish I’d known to check it before I embarked on this experience but I struggle now to doubt any of the healing claims I’ve read so far and look forward to hearing more healing stories of Bikram Yoga.


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