Practically, it’s good to wear light clothing with little material at Bikram Yoga – it can also be strangely motivating to watch the sweat cascade down your arms and legs as you quite literally ring your body out in Eagle Pose ‘The sweat should be running off your elbow onto your knee’ and it does – by the bucket load. As mentioned previously, ditching the bra for built in tops has been fantastic but I’m still very much undecided in the shorts department.

Practicality aside, there are some fabulous outfits on the market – not quite enough just yet and often pretty pricey but amidst my studies I thought I’d treat myself… I’d had in mind something strappy at the back, very sexy, particularly where there’s a tattoo involved (my 60 days reward – that’ll keep me going!). For image purposes only I was also keen on the ‘in’ shorts – shaped adequately to prevent any embarrassment during Standing Separate Leg Stretching pose (the kryptonite for sciatica) with drawstrings to pull up the outer sides and make them into proper short shorts. I don’t care that we’re told ‘no-one is looking’ and imagine I’m not the only one that wouldn’t exactly be mortified if someone got their pants in a twist in front of me during afore mentioned pose however as you have to hold the head up facing the mirror and practically level with the bum in front, I can easily get distracted worrying about the presentation of my own rump. So my short runners have been crossed of the list for good to make way for some new cute kit… 

Simple searching on Google images brought me back this fated pair of pants…


Fated bad because I instantly fell in love with them only to discover they only had Large available but fated good perhaps because when I committed to the matching ballet top:



I received and e-mail to say that they can possibly make one up for me! Keen on having a matching set in the near future I also ordered the following from the same company:



 – for the days that I feel more like I need to happen to yoga than the other way round. 

Of course my spate of practical clothing accumulation hasn’t quite ended, specifically for the fact that I still need to be wearing leggings to be able to get into tree pose – not very controlled and bad for the class energy – must address with new leggings. I also noted today that I seem to sweat far more than anyone else – by the time it’s ‘party time’ (first water opportunity) my towel has a full body shaped wet patch – and we’ve not even hit the floor?! I wouldn’t mind if everyone else’s didn’t look as though they’d just been taken fresh out of the dryer. 

So, apologies guys – the mens clothing is largely unimaginative from what I can gather with the largest variations in colour – I did, however dig out this image for you from the same store:



or better still:



You wouldn’t get missed in a pair of these! Cupping motion optional. Failing my selections, I’d urge anyone checking out new Hot Yoga kit to have a look at the store that these items are all from, great, friendly communication: SILUETmode

Don’t stress about the price, it’s all about taking care of this:Image 

when doing this: (I love how easily Raphael spiels off the full name of this pose!!)




5 thoughts on “Fashion

  1. Elise Fallson says:

    I tried yoga in college and I really,wanted to like it, but I just couldn’t get into it. Tai chi for some reason was more my style. I think it was all the static postures that I had a hard time with in the Ashtanga yoga class I took. All during yoga class I’d be screaming inside wanting to move onto the next step. Even though Tai chi is slow, at least it’s constantly moving. But that was a few years ago, so maybe I should give it another try. Cute little outfits though. Wish I had the body to go with them.

    A-Z participant blogging from Elise Fallson

    • I found Tai Chi breathing so hard! Really though I was going to pass out lol. I’ve not tried other types of yoga however most postures in Bikram seem to be continuous – if you stop kicking back in Standing Bow for example it’ so much harder to keep balance, it’s made a difference to me looking up the ‘ultimate goals’ of each pose and realising that I’m not even close to half way in most of them 😦 There’s still a danger of wanting to move onto the next step though but I think that’s the concentration challenge!

      • Elise Fallson says:

        I think that’s where my problem is, “concentration challenge!” Learning to maintain focus and at the same time letting go of everything else around me was difficult, especially when holding a certain posture or stance. But if I’m in constant motion, it’s easier for me. I’ve never tried Bikram though, maybe that style is more my speed, lol! I practiced Tai-Chi for almost 8 years and though we worked on some Qigong and stance training, the breathing part was never a problem for me. I think a lot has to do with the instructor and how much emphasis they place on certain aspects of the art. It’s interesting to see the similarities between the two arts and makes me want to get back into it. (:

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