Dual Posting and the Double Bubble




So, the problem is this – it is in the rules of the 30 day challenge that you have to complete 30 sessions in 30 days. This allows a day to be missed if the participant completes a double bubble on another day. In reality, it doesn’t have to be back to back sessions – but if you do one in the morning and one in the day it really isn’t quite as exciting, scary or of any real interest to anyone else. The double bubble is all the agony of 90 minutes at 40 degrees, ‘letting go’ of the session in the heat whilst the body begins to recover, the opportunity of a water / cool air break and repeat (within 1/2 hour). Yikes. Plus, to seperate the sessions would cost the whole day due to travelling from Stratford to St. James’s (an hour each way). This Tuesday gone I met a friend of a friend who wanted to give me a broader picture of all things boating, particularly as a series of co-incidences had put me dead against it – but that was after work and in a pub. I’m not sure what a session of Bikram Yoga would do to the intoxicated body, but I can’t imagine it would be too pleasant – either way it left me in Double Bubble debt. 

Now, in the light of the event rising just hours away I’m contemplating getting so heavily intoxicated that I just won’t care – only that’s not really in the spirit of the session. And I might die. Truthfully, I’m freaking out a little, but given that I needed a ‘D’ for today it seemed like the most logical day to complete this additional challenge (as if I don’t have enough already). 

On the upside, it’s a distraction from my dissertation that I’m so fiercely avoiding 😀 I’m even more prepared than normal, drying two sets of floor towels and with cute new tops that should be a little cooler than my usual gear. 

I think I hate these happy, fresh looking Yogis, I may channel that anger into getting me through later. Then again, I suspect they aren’t actually practicing Yoga. 


If you don’t get the counter part to this blog by 11ish, it is probably safe to assume that I

a) bottled it

b) collapsed on my mat and failed to complete the session

c) fell so deep asleep on the tube on my return home that I’ve ended up way out in Essex somewhere…

hopefully, though, I’ll live to tell the tale and maybe even find something good about the Double Bubble to inspire anyone else embarking on it for the first time!



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