Maybe I’m Crazy

I’ve given the lowdown on the website – (Music Hunters GB 😉 ) in which I told you about a growing obsession to review unsigned bands.

Well that, it turns out wasn’t the half of it. I have, in recent weeks made some life changing decisions and am now navigating my way around the routes – which seem to involve a number of quirky bars and pubs in locations as far away as Guildford! 😐 I suspect that won’t seem so far upnon reflection in a couple of years.

So I have discovered that this new-ish hobby is utterly addictive and forces me up out of bed in the mornings, generally after a sleepless night brooding over some band I have seen or am planning to…

Did I tell you about the venue? Stratford is gearing up for a hell of a music scene and there’s a fab joint up for grabs to the right person. I, evidently think I AM the right person but my bank balance begs to differ. Anyhow, from the front it looks like a pimp joint, but the two night clubs and restaurant within are only a tiny fraction of the rabbit warren of opportunity. Not so keen on the pole in the ex-strip joint but the bars are sparkling and the beer garden – well I’d happily spend an evening or two out there! The fish, apparently have resided there for over 12 years. Much like, I imagine the radio show that runs throughout the day. With 6 bedrooms everything in me was screaming ‘buy it’ to which my head retorts ‘any bank manager would laugh me out of their office’. Some things are just there to be dreamt about.

So, daily I walk past my dream venue and I plot sideline schemes to help me achieve it. So far I’m not doing terribly, I have a night at the local pub to do with what I wish (Bands, obviously – lots of bands) and the OK to get access to the Steamship in town if it works. Wow.

To make it work I am resting on the good will of a few bands I’ve reviewed… there have been many so I hope for some fruition there. We have a provisional pencil in for the Smack Hamptons who I love so good start. I’m yet to buy a PA system and my housemate is working hard on a shiney new logo for us to get some merch printed up … which leads into the business complexities.

This insane idea will have to be registered the minute money is involved and I’m good with that – but that means registered with my work too. Usually, it would give me no issue. But my work may not be my work in several weeks if I get voluntary exit. And the date jumps back a week every time we approach decision time. Painful, very painful.

Imaginative bids for escape were dangerously fuelled by an image of a narrow bold emblazoned with ‘Iron Maiden’ to which I mindlessly noted ‘want one’ before hitting share. It was only when the little blue FB thumbs began to appear that I realised I meant it.

I’ve found some fabulous canal boats to spend my payout on…

There are disputes in the home-place about that at the moment and in reality if I do swap bricks and mortar for the rivers of London I will sit tight until next winter and get some ice-cold experience before making that kind of commitment. See, I can be sensible at times!

The Rex is due to re-open in Stratford, very jealous of the owners but it looks awesome, worth checking out online if you have any association with the place. Somewhere for more music and comedy! Perfect… now I just need a place of my own.

We have banded about from pub to pub meeting a bunch of new bands. The standards are incredibly high, not really quite what I originally expected so – bonus. I’m loving meeting new people, writing and watching the stats incessantly but mostly I love the way everyone I know wants to be involved. I am genuinely happy from the heart out and don’t see this ride stopping any time soon… many adventures to follow.


2 thoughts on “Maybe I’m Crazy

  1. Anja you will definitely reach your dreams with your abilities, commitment, intelligence and enthusiasm, although if you live on a boat you may smell damp, musky and smokey occasionally…………

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