It’s been some time since I made full use of WordPress – shipped out to the distant town of Southall (2 hours from home) I could well have used my travel time more wisely. It’s funny though, the prospect of a nice empty train after waking at 4.30 in the morning isn’t half as appealing as being squished in with hundreds of other hot sweaty commuters in a 2 hour sleep in trade off. Ironically the immediate memories of the cold outside prevents anyone shedding their duck-down layers when there is a window of opportunity, and so we all huddle in face-to-face for an hour or so at a time. On the luckier days, some people empty out at Liverpools St or Oxford Circus and it’s dog-eat-dog to grab a seat. Seat bagged, there’s nothing I’d rather do than numb my brain to a soggy-cardboard like state and transfix my focus on ‘Bejewelled’. I don’t get any better, and even if I did all of my friends broke their addiction years ago.


Back in the real world I have a little more time and have invested a creative urge in ‘’. For those of you who have followed me for a bit you will know that I cover festivals for nothing more than the love of the unpredictable British weather and a ticket in. During the winter I feel at loose ends and don’t really have the drive to re-invoke my feature writing curiosities. Instead, I’ve got stuck into bringing a website to life in a field that is faster paced than I can keep up with! On the hunt for unsigned bands I have uncovered flurries of talent and am looking to remove myself from the corporate bureaucratic world to which I currently belong and immerse myself back into the things in life that I love and struggle to find time for. 

The bands, I knew I could find. What I didn’t expect was the stream of highly skilled photographers, writers and cartoonists now getting involved. The buzz is immense and I am inundated with new ideas every day – it has become bit of an obsession but I’m having fun. At least it doesn’t keep halting at Level 7 leading to an impassive ‘play again’ reaction.

So really, I’m hinting at the future of this page – it will still be music and some random scatterings but probably of a far more ‘unsigned’ drive and I hope to fall upon as many other blogs as possible with which we can trade interest and inspiration. 


To the future!


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