Las Vegas, Baby! Day 1 (morning)

Breakfast in Vegas doesn’t start until gone 10am, until that point many people are still up chancing their luck on the tables or at the bar. Making a bee-line for Ceasers Palace could not fail to satisfy, the service is wonderful and the furnishings right down to the soft, crisp napkins leave customers wanting for nothing. Despite a mountain of Blueberry pancakes with enough syrup to drown them I couldn’t resist the cheeky odd potato from Jons plate. Only here do savoury and sweet feel like they were made to be together:


A sneaky peak around Ceasers Palace was an eye-opener, despite the grander and scale from the outside of the hotels it is constantly a surprise to walk in and see more, more, more space in every direction – all packed with more artwork than a mind like mine could hope to contain without camera aid:


Advancing to the Venitian took far longer than estimated, even with the use of street level travelators and outside escalators to assist with bridge-crossing. Most surprising was how beautiful Las Vegas is, it’s possible to get totally lost in the foyer of a hotel, each ‘out house’ or ‘hut’ is a world of it’s own. Many people advise only doing Vegas for a few days and I agree, it’s overwhelming and totally detached from reality but you could return repeatedly and always have things to explore. This is a snippet from the front of Ceasers Palace:


And more:


The strange thing about Vegas is that there are so many nooks and crannys of formidable scale that you just can’t capture on camera because of how closely everything is built together.

We had stuff to get organised and following an itinerary kindly typed up by my colleague we headed for the Fashion Mall to get tickets at the 1/2 price on-the-day tickets. We opted for ‘The Las Vegas Show’ which promised to tell the history of Vegas complete with variety acts. It fitted the bill and whilst one of our party queued myself and Jon arranged a Helicopter Trip over the Grand Canyon for the following day.

Shade isn’t something Vegas does so well, and the umbrellas passed out to queuers were welcomed as they melted in the early heat. Booking the copter was easy, we spoke to a few people and having had an on-line browse knew what our budget was and what we wanted from the trip. We didn’t get the landing or champagne brekkie, but for $309 per person we booked hotel transfers, a landing at the American-Indian tourist site and were promised shiny new helicopters with 5star, a new company that was already challenging Market Leader Maverick for luxury and value.

Learning from our lessons at the ticket store, a £25 queue jump pass will prevent hours of heat torture on future vacations – the following mission to Planet Hollywood to exchange these ticket for seats would have also happily waited until an hour before the show as the tickets remain random until entry to the theatre for general admission customers.

Piling into the Venitian for a taste of the beautiful life we happily found a bar and proceeded to take the edge off the organisation-tastic morning. This is one worth looking up for it’s own review, there is more to discuss than I can begin to squeeze in here. The frontage, I’m sure cannot be seen all in one go. With the opening to the river housing Gondalas that are paddled through the hotel, each customer a private audience to their own opera to the Masterful art across the ceilings, visitors like oursselves feel they haven’t the breath to gasp any more. Until, that is, the skies open way overhead INSIDE the Venitian.



We didn’t go unprepared for what we would see, but little can prepare you for how you will feel entering the early twi-light zone of the Venitian. Just when you become accustomed to it, thunder claps and rain begin. Bewildering.





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