Isle of White Festival – Friday afternoon


Um, well, I made it. I’m not quite sure how. After the ferry the journey was easy, I got a train one stop to Ryde Esplanade and from there there were busses to take people to gate at the Campsite. Easy enough. Only to get cash took a treck up the hill to the centre of Hyde, where all banks appear to like to look down on the rest of the town. Not a problem. Nor was the bus, only I knew I had to get to A6 – which we passed on the way about a mile uphill from the site. Despite the incline and growing weight of my bag, the weather was good and the smell of cooked food sold along the was was hugely tempting. I learned a new skill of dodging busses travelling up the cordoned route and, whilst taking a break at A5 was delighted to find that Tim, the photographer was making his way to A6 – and was offering to give me a hand from the press desk. After reluctantly declining the opportunity to buy a regular ticket and abandon the treck I somehow covered the distance.

Press desk – easy, slow but no hassle. Company en-route to camp was welcome and the campsite came quicker than I remembered it being. Squelching into the opening of the site the muddy welcome was expected, it was all over the news last night and weather warnings have been issued. It was pretty humorous and I changed into wellies as advised. They were brown with pink polka-dots at the time. My bag got a lift across the mud pools that had formed and the photo guy has pulled it some of the way too, leaving a clean track in it’s path as it accumulated mud underneath. After some time of trekking I took pity and made a break on my own. I found a wonderful tent-sized spot left behind by abandoners that clearly didn’t want their poles or covering as a momento of their short stay at the festival.

Feeling pretty happy with myself the underlay of the tent went up with no complications… then came the wind. As I tired to figure which way the overlay went on it made several attempts at escape, causing two women to come and give me a hand. As the mud is so soft nothing had to be nailed in, just pushed into the ground – this could be a problem if the winds continue to pick up.

Currently everything that can be tied is and I imagine time will tell if I have a shelter tonight. Half an hour until Feeder, however the media tent is out of use due to no electrics so the reviews may have to be delayed – my own dongle is on it’s way out already. So, current status, muddy but dry… go figure. Oh, and I have my wristband which is pretty funky:



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