Upcoming festivals – Isle Of White and Reading

For the first year all of my festivals research and consolidation of opinions and expectations will be through WordPress – I will be keen to see what other people are thinking on the festivals and artist as well as camping tips/warnings both general and specific to the event. Final reviews will be through Virtual Festivals and updates on @vitrualfestivals and @anjakins on Twitter…

With Isle of White fast approaching I will begin with some of the smaller (and often my favourite) acts this evening…

Please flag up any of your own blogs relevant to the events and I will link them in for a more diverse base… I will be discussing both the well known and loved as well as unheard of acts – perhaps some of your own thoughts will make me hear things from a different perspective!

Reviews from Virtual Festivals will include the practicalities of location/facilities etc and some of the reviews will be prescribed however I will also update on choice bands and our interviewers and photographers will be out in force!


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