I am very easily excited by property. When there was a downturn in the market I had mixed feelings – I had a property that was likely to fall in value and not enough to cash in on low prices. Papers are cover to cover doom and gloom and even ownership give limited scope for alterations when you live under a council like Newham who are point blank to lazy to consider genuinely good, all round beneficial ideas. So over the years my excitement has dwindelled.

That was until the past month when it seems everyone around me is getting involved, wheather old hats or newbies people are getting restless with putting their lives on hold and are throwing caution to the wind – and I love it. The re-emergence (real or imagined) of property programmes, no longer are the prices, predictions and, er , people out of date but the markets are real and recent! Kirtsy Allsop can pack in the crafts-on-a-budget-and-stay-on-TV malarkey and Sarah Beeney can get back on site and show the baby beeneys how it’s done…

I have taken an unprecidented interest in people building underground homes too… I get it, it seems so obvious and the homes are gorgerous – but they are strictly reserved for those with the patience of Supernanny. And plus, I have more of a cosmetic over-hauler than a dig-a-hole-and-live-in-it type of ambition.

So after a couple of weeks scoping the greater Manchester market I am making my way up for a day of bearing with estate agent to get an estimate and hope of getting enough money at sustained high prices to cash on on the recession… results will follow!


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