Changing times!

I am sooo excited today and have no idea how it took me so long! On another course and an ongoing idea came pounding through the repetition of our excersise and exploded into full blooming action! I have ordered TEFL info (Teaching English as a Foreign Accent) and have researched all of the vacancies, requirements and wages. It’s fascinating, in Japan you can earn as much as here, or you can volunteer and sort out your own accommodation in Burma. Both appeal to me greatly but my heart is set on Indonesia – and I have a feeling I won’t look back. It’s been suggested to me so many times but I’ve always wanted ‘to just do this first, just do that…’ until recently when I realised no matter how much I get done I will never get the time to do the things I want at this rate… and have nothing to show for it. Nights off are basically for recovering and life is hurlting past quicker than ‘Rita’ at Alton Towers. In fact that ride was the first time in a long while that I felt I could keep up with the world.

So, I can give up any hope of being wealthy… but I can get involved with a close community, have a home miles away from the lunatics I’m next to now, learn to cook Indonesian dishes and sit and eat on cusions with the rest of the village. Getting back to reality it didn’t look that much exciting that before being overcome with direction… sometimes what’s inside a person will clearly defy social boundaries that they work so hard at instilling. But then I do live in Newham… the Olympics are actually going to be Newham pink, the crowds are denser than ever and outside the official footprint is grubbier than ever. And when it’s all over I figure we will be swimming in a heap of abandoned merchandies and coca-cola cans whilst the swanky new clubs all shut down and we return to crime central.

Get me on that plane already!! well, in two years, there’s some things I have to do first.


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