I don’t imagine I will be able to get too involved in the blog world if I keep logging onto my blanks screen and off again without so much as a ‘hey, I’m Anja, let me tell you lots of weird and wonderful things about myself’… but this is a first and exceptionally high hurdle. I can tell stories and write abstract curiosities until the cows chug home but I’m afraid divulging my own life isn’t half as easy and multiple dry runs on twitter, fb and myspace have proved this method to be quite misleading. I will tell you a few simple facts to break the literative ice and then on with the show.

I have a dog called Alexia. She’s domineering, cheeky and slowly creeping into middle age. She keeps me sane.

I am inspired by most things, then end up getting nothing done.

I live in London, and am slowly turning into a narky so’n’so. I invest time finding ways to avoid the decline of grouchiness in fear of ending up with no friends.

‘Let’s dance to Joy Division’ sums me up perfectly – I smile through the most depressing situations. So there is no real way of anyone else distinguishing between happy, sad, excited, confused or ‘get-me-the-hell-outta-here-before-I-turn-lethal’ Anja.

Mostly I’m pretty personable, but if London does freeze my spark that from me then hopefully I will now find some comfort in WordPress.

What to expect from me?

Well I’m new to blogging so I can’t really give you the headsup. I guess this will change over time but for now I imagine I will indulge in my thoughts about themes in my life. Don’t be surprised if this is infused with psychology, art and design, social musings and doggy tales. In time I have other plans, but I’ll keep those cards under my fluffy winter hood for now. I’ve also taken to a few arty blogs of others that I’ll be keen to share…


some time since the intro mail I still haven’t worked out how to upload a profile pic through the app so here I am…


Although I’m a little blonder now…

And here’s my Alexia –


(a little greyer now 😉 )


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